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    Leak Detection
    Water leaks cannot only corrode the structure of the house, making it unsafe for the residents, but it will also have a drastic impact on your bills, which will increase by leaps and bounds without any increase in your water consumption. In Lakeland Florida, professional plumbers offer high quality leak detection services to their clients.

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  • Residential & Commercial
    Water Removal
    Situations like natural disasters, breakage in water pipelines, fires, or defects in the plumbing system cause water damage, which leads to flooding in your house. The longer this problem is ignored, the greater the damage will be to deal with later on. Therefore, a great service with an immediate response time will work to your advantage.

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  • Residential & Commercial
    Mold Remediation
    Water damage causes mold growth, which are micro-organisms that are decomposers of dead organic material. When a lot of mold is growing on a surface, it often appears black, blue or green. Mold Remediation should be taken very serious because it puts you and your loved ones health at risk.

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Slab Leak Detection Lakeland FL
A slab leak generally means that you have a minute hole in your copper water line below the concrete floor of your home. Such leaks are generally referred to as “foundation leaks” or “concrete slab leaks” in the plumbing industry. A homeowner can detect the slab leak even if it is not visible because there are many symptoms that suggest that you have a slab leak in your home. An increase in your water bill, saturated base boards, particular hot spots on the floor, damp floor or carpet and wet planters in the vicinity of your home, are all signs that you need to get your underground water pipes checked by a professional plumber. There are many companies in Lakeland, Florida that provide great plumbing services at reasonable prices.

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